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Extension Type Author Ver.
Polygon XYs
Create polygon with vertexes coordinates shown in Output panel
Tool kolyaseg.ru 1.0.5
Recent Files
Shows the list of recent opened files with full URI
Flash Panel kolyaseg.ru 1.0
Linkage Numerator
Set library items linkage identifiers as numerated list
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Canvas Tool
Set canvas size directly on the Stage
Tool kolyaseg.ru 1.2.0
This flash panel gives you some handy functions to operate with your library, like batch rename or cleaning up or find corresponding item in a library for selected mc on a stage. This panel may replace the following extensions: Library Select Command, Libraries Compare Command, Library Linkaged Select, Library Rename, etc.
Flash Panel kolyaseg.ru 1.3.4
Timeline Extension
This panel enables you to make some useful frames movements on the timeline such as move for a frame to the left or right or exchnage two groups of frames.
Flash Panel kolyaseg.ru 1.5
Makes a spread of copies between two objects on a stage
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Library Rename
Command renames items in the library (selected or all) adding prefix or suffix to their names.
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Distribute to Circle
Takes selected movieclip and clones it around selected circle shape
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Image Sequence
Put a sequence of images from library to the stage frame by frame or as a sprite matrix. Useful for those who import animation from 3D programs e.g.
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Library Linkaged Select
This simple command makes selection of all items in a library that have Linkage(Export) attribute.
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Libraries Compare Command
Looking for equal item names in the libraries of two opened documents.
Command kolyaseg.ru 2.1.1
Library Select Command
Selects items in library according to selection on the stage expanding corresponding folders.
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Set Scale Apart
This command let you set scales of selected objects separately by given values.
Command kolyaseg.ru 2.1.0
Swap All Extended
Based on "Swap All Command" swaps almost everything on the stage with an item in a library.
Command kolyaseg.ru 2.0.0
Swap Positions Command
Swaps position of two selected objects on stage
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
TextField Adjustor
If you use dynamic textfield it has to meet some requirements. This commnad do it for you.
Command kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
This panel helps you publish big projects. You can select which documents to publish. It also shows you publish progress in percents.
Flash Panel kolyaseg.ru 1.0.0
Get properties from Property Inspector of an object on the stage and pastes it onto others.
Flash Panel kolyaseg.ru comming soon
Extension Type Author Ver.
Selection to Grid Command
Copies current selection multiple times and arranges copies in a grid pattern
Command Keith Peters 1.0.0
Splat Tool
A drawing tool for your tool bar. Creates a splat that can become just about any type of shape
Tool Keith Peters 2.0.0
Starburst Command
Creates a radial burst of random lines
Command Keith Peters 1.0.0
The Arrow Tool
A drawing tool for your tool bar. Lets you draw an arrow on stage
Tool Keith Peters 1.0.0
The Grid Tool
A drawing tool for your tool bar. Lets you draw an grid of lines on stage
Command Keith Peters 1.0.0
Fuel Library Item Properties
This panel will help you change multiple properties on multiple library items
Flash Panel Julian Dolce 1.0.0
Auto Save
Automatically saves the document you are presently working on
Flash Panel Guy Watson 1.0.0
Swap All Command
Replaces multiple selected instances with a selected item from the library
Command FlashExtension. Net 1.0.0
Potapenko.com flash extensions
A lot of useful commands including Symbol instances naming tool, Search and Replace library items, Pixelate position and others
Suite Eugene Potapenko 1.0.2

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